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What is our favorite reto vinyl pattern besides cracked ice.

There are 3 different patterns that I want to discuss on this post. I know 2 of them for sure and then I will need to search for the 3rd. The next style of pattern I would like to talk about is Naugahyde Zodiac. Have you ever looked really close at a yard of zodiac? It is pretty freaking cool. There are little embedded metal flakes embedded in the vinyl and the flakes are reflective. The next patter I want to discuss is Polaris by Futura. The last pattern I want to discuss is Sparkel by Plastex. They make a similar product to zodiac. So we have Zodiac as the original and then we have Polaris and Sparkel with very similar patterns and looks. If thing have remained the same, Naugahyde was the most expensive. Futura was the second most expensive and Plastex was the least expensive. I am not too familiar with Plastex. I have worked extensively with Naugahyde for decades. I have purchased special buys from Futura over the years. I would feel comfortable recommending both. Plastex may be good too, I haven't used it yet.

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