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Green Cracked Ice Vinyl Where is it?

There are not many controversies in the world of cracked ice vinyl. We make vinyl. We sell vinyl. We talk about vinyl all day. The one thing that we can't seem to be able to do is find a good shade of green to produce green cracked ice vinyl. We have tried for many years and we have actually never seen green cracked ice vinyl in person. If we could just get our hands on a few yards, we could send it to our supplier and ask them to resurrect it. Our vinyl vendor can work wonders but without a color sample, they don't know what to produce. We aren't designers, we are furniture builders. We don't really know what shade to suggest and if we guess wrong it is a 1000 yard mistake. If you have pictures of green cracked ice vinyl, please comment and we can find a way to get some pictures over to us.

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