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Cracked Ice Vinyl is Back

Cracked ice vinyl is back and bigger than before. Richardson Seating is stocking grey, red and yellow cracked ice. The only one missing is green. I know they want make green but haven't figuring out how to get the shade right. Please send in your pictures of green if you have it. In addition to have cracked ice vinyl for sale on their website, they are also selling ready made bar stools and chairs already upholstered in cracked ice. If you are on this website you already know how cool and retro cracked ice looks. Go check it out on Richardson Seating's site and maybe pick up a yard or two.

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Jul 13, 2023

I am looking for blue cracked ice vinyl to redo my kitchen chairs. Can this color be made?


Gentilly Girl- Robin Brou
Gentilly Girl- Robin Brou
Jan 21, 2021

I need cracked ice green to match with my grandmothers set .. here is a pic . I can send more at different angles .

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