Cracked Ice Upholstery Vinyl FOR SALE!!

Cracked Ice Vinyl is on sale for only $34.60 per yard.

Click on the color you would like to purchase.

Yellow Cracked Ice Vinyl

Yellow Cracked Ice Vinyl

Yellow Cracked Ice Vinyl

Red Cracked Ice Vinyl

Grey Cracked Ice Vinyl

Grey Cracked Ice Vinyl

The Cracked Ice Vinyl sold at is manufactured for restaurant use. It is a heavy duty commercial upholstery vinyl that is perfect for restaurants, bars, and diners.

Vinyl is sold by the yard.
A quantity of 1 = 1 yard of vinyl.
1 yard of vinyl is 36 inches x 54 inches.

There is a minimum order quantity of 3 yards

If you order more than one yard of the same color, it will come in one big piece.

Cracked Ice Vinyl is always in stock and ships out of Chicago, IL in about 3 business days.

For free swatches, please email with your address and color choices. is owned and operated by

Bar Stools and Chairs LLC

1658 N Milwaukee #534

Chicago, IL 60647


Cracked Ice Vinyl is always in stock at! Cracked Ice Vinyl is one of the hardest upholstery vinyl patterns to find. We show you where to buy Cracked Ice Vinyl. Cracked Ice was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s. Cracked Ice Vinyl was especially popular in diners and roadside cafes. Retro is back in a big way. Cracked ice is about as retro as you can get. There are several websites online that sell cracked ice vinyl by the yard.

If you do a Google search or two, you will find that it is pretty expensive. With this particular vinyl pattern, scarcity drives the price up significantly. Cracked Ice Vinyl is only $34.60/yard from Bar Stools and Chairs.

To Buy Cracked Ice Vinyl click CRACKED ICE VINYL

Cracked Ice Vinyl is the perfect choice when trying to build your retro kitchen. It works well in any roadside diner, cafe, any coffee shop. Hopefully, you appreciate the vintage look of Cracked Ice as much as I do. Happy browsing. Red Cracked Ice is my favorite of the Cracked Ice patterns.

It was brought to my attention that only two manufacturers stock cracked ice vinyl in all of the USA. I find it hard to believe but that was what the manufacture’s rep told me. We buy our cracked ice vinyl from Richardson Seating Corp. Richardson Seating is also who we use for our diner chairs, bar stools, counter stools, and table bases.

Yellow Cracked Ice Vinyl

Yellow Cracked Ice Vinyl

All items manufactured by Richardson Seating

can be upholstered in Cracked Ice vinyl. Custom cracked ice vinyl colors are available if you are looking for a ton of furniture. I think the minimum from the mill is like 30 rolls per color. If anyone has anything to add to the subject or knows of other sources of Cracked Ice, please email me. has now made available 27 different Cracked Ice Diner Chairs for immediate shipment. There are 9 different styles and three different cracked ice colors to choose from. has the largest selection of quick ship diner chairs anywhere. With the addition of the new Cracked Ice Diner Chairs, there is no reason to buy your diner chairs anywhere else.

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Red Cracked Ice Vinyl

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